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    Partometer is a handy app for measurements using camera. You can perform measurements on photos and pictures using known size objects, like credit cards, coins, or any custom object of known size.
    You can measure dimensions, length, irregular shaped areas, perimeter, angles, ratio, arc and radius of circular objects, measure pixels on images.

    The app can be applied in any area where various measurements are needed, from DIY projects to such measurements like pipe bend, saw teeth, wall area, cross section of objects, features on microscope images or X-ray images, and many other areas.

    Metric and imperial units supported: meters, centimeters, millimeters, inches, feet

    Length-Mode - measure and divide an object in certain ratio or mark length on the object using ratio ruler (slider).
    FreeHand-Mode - measure an object in any direction and compare sizes to each other.
    Angle-Mode - measure length, area and angle on an object in any direction and compare sizes to each other.
    Area-Mode - area calculator, measure area of different shapes
    Circle-Mode - measurements on circular objects: radius, arc, length, sector, area, angle.

    Depending on conditions this measure app can achieve sub mm resolution\

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    Measurement guide:

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