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    Create a random password under the specified conditions.

    *Supports the "Mushroom".
    *You can preset some conditions of creating a password.
    *Clipboard suppoted.
    *You can save the created password to the temporary strage list.

    How to use

    1) Password generation

    Press the "generate New" button to generate a new password.

    Press the "Text Clear"button to clear the password.

    2) End

    Press the "End/Retun"button to exit.If the application is invoked as a mashroom app, it returns the password.

    3) Number of characters of a new password

    With a number of "Number of Characters", specifies the number of characters create a new password.

    You can also enter a new number directly, you can change the numbers in the left and right buttons.

    4) Character to create a password

    Part of the "Types of Characters to Use", and set the types of character you want to use.

    You can set uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and spaces and other symbols.

    Please check the check box of the character you want to use.

    5) Set the symbol characters to be used

    Check the "Symbol characters below" check box, if you need sybol characters.

    And enter the symbol caharacters in the column below it.

    The characters that you specify here, it is checked automatically when creating a password, will be sorted, leaving only the characters that can be used.

    When you press the "All Symbols" button to set all of the symbol characters (without "space") that can be used.

    In addition, the three-letter backslash and quote, double quotes can not be selected.

    6) Preset conditions of password generation

    Press the "Preset Conditions" button to open the page, on that you can set in bulk or record the current conditions for generating passwords.

    Choose one from the list that is displayed in this button, if you touch, its contents will be set.
    If you press and hold an item in the list, you can save the current generation conditions to there.

    7) Clipboard

    Press the "Copy to Clipboard" button to copy the password to the clipboard.

    And press the "Paste from Clipboard" button to paste from the clipboard.

    8) Temporary storage list

    Press the "Save to the List" button to save the password to the temporary strage list.

    The list can be recorded up to 12 from a new one.

    Of course, you can save the text except for the password, such as user ID.

    Press the "See the List" button to display the list. Chose what you need, and touch it.

    Press the "Clears the List" button to erase all of the list.

    9) Auto Clear

    This app will remember all the current view. and displays it when it is restarted usually.

    You can also manually clear it, but then you cannot return it to the mushroom host app.

    Check the "Auto Clear" check box to erase password automatically after sending it to the host.

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