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    Having a strong password is very important. They are often the first (and possibly only) defense against intrusion. They are used to protect personal information, financial information, health data, and/or private documents.

    In order to protect your security, you should follow some essential rules in order to choose a good password:

    + Password length should be at least 8 characters in length.

    + The more character in the passwords is better, as the time taken to crack the password will be longer. 10 characters or longer are recommended (this increases cracking time even more).

    + It should contain both small case and upper case characters as well as numerical characters and special characters.

    + It should contain at least 5 unique characters.

    The password must not contain your login username or part of the username, it should not include sequences (i.e consecutive characters, numbers or adjacent keys on a keyboard), and it should not be based on dictionary words with number substitution.

    Finally, it is recommended changing your passwords at least once every 6 months.

    This application helps you to measure the strength of your passwords, using a simple algorithm.

    It uses regular expressions that checks for uppercase-lowercase characters usage, the string length, the amount of numbers and special characters, and finally it generates a score for the password.

    This application is not perfect and it is meant to help users just to learn how to create stronger passwords.

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