Pattern Unlocker




    Use your finger to draw a pattern to unlock your screen.

    In this way, you can get a high-security pattern password for your phone.

    Without this pattern password, no one can turn your screen on and check up your phone.


    1. This is a special unlocking tool. In this app, you need to draw a pattern as the password with your fingers.

    2. This is a customized unlocking tool. It offers you two background modes. You can choose to use the system background or custom background to your liking. We advise you to open the vibrate and sound effects to let in better user experience.

    3. This is a high security android lockscreen tool. In this app, you can draw patterns at will. This pattern will be your unlocking password. In this way, you can prevent others to check up your phone and protect your privacy.

    4. This is a powerful unlocking tool. On the unlocking page, it will show your six shortcuts. You can click them to launch a ceratin function immediately.


    1. Slide the arrow up on the unlocking screen;

    2. Then you will see the five shortcuts.

    3. Click any of them according to your need;

    4. And you will be asked to draw the pattern. It is the one that you have set as the pattern password in setup. If you draw the pattern correctly, the lock will be removed and your screen will be turned on.


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