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    This application is a remote control to operate the computer with the smartphone's applications.

    Persons who use a home theater PC in your living room or Persons who PowerPoint presentation for your company


    If any Internet-connected environment, your smartphone can control your PC completely

    Of course, will be controlled from a distance, At the same time that several of the control connections are also available.

    At the same time for all the family in the living room ,PC can be controlled

    As the primary use finger touch, drag, move the cursor.

    This application is the information that you want to connect to phone telephone number of the PC is used as an authorized user information.

    In addition, by encrypting all communications which are transferred command pc hacking or other unusual approach of the program is virtually impossible.

    Security-and safety is a high application, This program is loaded on the screen transfer has the advantage of a small very light.

    Right buttons function:

    1. Click-click the left mouse button, the effect

    2. Double-click Double-click the left mouse button, the effect

    3. Right-click, right click the effect

    4. Screen updates - PC to capture the screen to show the phone screen

    5. Drag-mouse click and drag effects (start - end).

    6. Larger-screen with your finger zoom in / out moving mode (toggle mode).

    7. Input - enter a letter on the smartphone, then transfer it to the clipboard functionality of your PC
    (Right-click, and then paste the clipboard to transfer text input effects on your PC)

    8.Note: First and foremost, on your computer, phone remote control application that works are required to install the program

    9.Phone remote control program Download Net 3.5 framework environment

    10. How to register phone: phone after the execution of the remote pc program [Register] tab, then check Allow registration
    When you attempt to connect to the phone without any additional input can be easily registered

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