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    Percentor is the ultimate percentage calculator app!
    Percentor is an all-in-one percentage calculator!

    Enter two values or one value and one percent-value.
    Percentor quickly calculates the following figures and tells you how to understand.

    Two values (A+B)
    - A is x% of B.
    - B is x% of B.
    - A plus/minus x% is B.
    - B plus/minus x% is A.

    Value + Percent value (A + X)
    - X% of A is y. (Percent)
    - A plus X% is y. (Tax/Markup)
    - A minus X% is y. (Discount)
    - y minus X% is A. (Margin)

    Application will save your last inputs between sessions.

    Percentor can also be used as a tip calculator.


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