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    Published: 2011-11-18, by Manu Galvez.

    Permissions Friendly Apps tracks your installed apps permissions and rate them

    • Permissions descriptions
    • Ranking on permissions score
    • Rate permissions friendly apps
    • Layout could be improved
    • We would like to know the exact score of each permissions

    "Discover who's making a pass at your Android"

    Permissions Friendly Apps tracks the installed apps in your device and gives it a score depending on which permissions they asked for running. This means that, unlike other apps, it doesn't just make a mere list on which permissions every app needs to run: what it does is rating them. Not all permissions are same thing: some of them are more suspicious than others of being potentially used against our interest. For this reason is good to make a ranking of which apps are permissions friendly and which are not. That's precisely what Permission Friendly Apps does.

    It gives a score to each permission (it isn't shown the exact score of each). The highest score, the more suspicious. The ones which are not dangerous at all have a "heart" icon next to them. If you tap on this friendly apps you can rate them positively in order to encourage the developers to use permissions in the same way.

    You can tap on each app if you want to know specifically what permissions it asks for. Under the description code there's a description of what it does (in understandable language). Next to the permission name there's an icon: a heart for those permissions which are not really dangerous and a danger symbol next to the suspicious. Finally, you can sort apps by score (up or down) and by name (up or down). This is it and this is great.

    Permission Friendly Apps has been also designed for tablets using Fragment technology provided by Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Nov 18, 2011


    What are the applications you have installed that you have given the most permissions?
    What are the applications that are most respectful of your personal data and less potentially dangerous?

    This must-have application will give you a very simple answer to these questions.

    Itself does not require any permission and contains no advertising.

    It is optimized for mobile and tablet (Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Nexus, ...)

    The latest version uses Android Lollipop Material Theme.

    This application is published under GNU GPL v3 license.

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