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    Phone Flashlight can become your mobile phone as a flashlight. This is a free cell phone flashlight app and it doesn’t have only one color. The brightness can be adjusted easily.

    Maybe you think that you don’t need this app because you don’t need a flashlight. Most of the time, you don’t need in fact. But sometimes you can’t get a flashlight when you really need one. After you install this app, you can take a flashlight wherever and whenever.

    Let me introduce it to you in a detailed way so that you can know how to use it.

    1. You mobile phone will become one flashlight when you open this app. The screen can be used to light.

    2. There are two icons in the left and right bottom. The lift icon can make the screen very bright, the right icon can make the screen dark. Sometimes you need to adjust the brightness according to the practice.

    3. Now we talk about the important point. This flashlight is a colorful flashlight so its color can be changed. You want to know how to change the background color, right? You just touch the MENU button on your mobile phone and then a menu appears. Touch the color button on it and you will have the right to choose the color.

    4. There are nine different colors for you to choose such as white, red, green, yellow, pink and so on. You can select your favorite color to use.

    5. When you walk on a dark road, you need a flashlight to let you see the road clearly. Phone Flashlight can help you under that case. If you would like to support this flashlight, please give it five stars.

    When you get home very late, you can’t find the right key because of the darkness. At that time, if you have a flashlight, the situation will be better. But your flashlight is in your house. This is a terrible situation and you have to try the key one by one. This will waste your much time.

    If you have installed Phone Flashlight on your mobile phone, when you get home, you can use your mobile phone flashlight to find the key easily.

    Phone Flashlight is an android cell phone flashlight. In fact, it can be used in other ways. For example, if you have one kid, you can use this flashlight as a toy to him or her, because the changing color function may attract your kid’s attention.

    Although a flashlight's primary function is illumination, some models of flashlight are big and heavy enough to be applied as a club or baton. Larger metal models are usually used by police and other emergency services. Since a metical metal flashlight may cause lethal injuries that are much less likely with a baton, some police departments make restrictions on the size of a duty flashlight.

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