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    *** In order to change your settings from the timed settings, you need to use override, otherwise, it will just switch back to your timed settings!! ***

    Phone profiles is an app that allows you to:
    Create profiles to control the following functionality:
    - Ringer mode: silent, vibrate, normal
    - Ringer volume and vibrate state
    - Notification volume and vibrate state
    - Alarm volume
    - Music volume
    - System volume
    - Wifi mode
    - Bluetooth mode
    - Airplane mode
    - Auto-rotate mode
    - Brightness - auto brightness or set brightness

    Create timed events to determine when a profile should activated based on time and day.

    Create triggered events based on the following criteria:
    - Power connected
    - Power disconnected
    - Battery low
    - Battery ok
    - Battery below selected %
    - Battery above selected %
    - Any appointment for calendar
    - Appointment for calendar contains profile in description

    You can also override current active profile with another profile. Just click on the profile you wish to activate the override with.

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