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    Have you ever turned your phone ringer off for any reason and forgot to turn it back on and ended up missing some important calls? Or do you need to turn off the ringer every night before sleep and turn it back on in the morning? With this app, you will never have the hassle with turning the ringer on and off anymore. This app provides a quick and easy way to turn the phone to either vibrate or silent mode. It also lets you schedule when to turn the ringer on or off during certain days of the week, so once you set it, you will never need to worry about your phone ringing in middle of something or the phone not ringing because you forgot to turn the ringer back on. This app is great for students, so they can schedule when the phone automatically goes to silent mode before the school and back to normal mode after the school; it also great for people who have weekly meetings and need to turn the phone to silent mode during the meetings.

    Overall this app provides the following features:
    - Quick mode to turn the phone ringer off for a certain period of time.
    - Quick mode to turn the phone ringer off, until you turn it back on.
    - Schedule when to turn the phone ringer off and back on, and repeat certain days of a week.
    - One button to turn on the phone ringer.
    - One button to change the phone to Airplane mode or revert from Airplane mode.
    - Easily change the ringer mode between vibrate and silent modes.
    - Schedule as many silent modes as you need.
    - Easily enable or disable a scheduled silent mode.
    - Display a notification icon to indicate the ringer mode or wait for the next schedule silent mode, this icon also provides easy access of the application.
    - This app uses Android Alarm service for the scheduler so it doesn’t drain your phone’s battery.
    - User should try with the free version before purchasing the app.
    - The differences between free and paid versions are:
    1) Paid version does not display ad banner.
    2) Paid version allows scheduling unlimited silent modes, and Free version allows only 3.

    This app uses the following permissions:
    - System Wake Lock: To change the phone ringer mode when the screen is locked.
    - Phone Vibrate: To vibrate the phone when the ringer reverts back to normal.
    - Write Phone Settings: Change the phone to Airplane mode.

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