Phone Tracker and SIM Monitor

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    Phone Tracker and SIM Monitor

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    SEN3 application for phone tracker. Phone locator. Phone finder. Phone lost or misplaced finder. SIM card change monitor. Phone remote ringer or locator.

    This app is suitable for phone lost either by misplaced or theft. Equip your expensive smartphone with this affordable and useful tool for emergency.

    This app can perform the followings:-
    1. Locate or track your phone by SMS or via Web
    2. Monitor SIM card change
    3. Perform remote task via web

    How to locate via SMS:-
    1. Install the app and create your setting.
    2. When you want to locate the phone, just SMS the passcode to your phone (using another phone). The app will then reply with a coordinate.

    How to locate/ring the phone via web:-
    1. Install the app and register the device
    2. Register as Sentinel at
    3. Log in and enter members' area.
    4. In the members' area, you can send a tracker to locate your phone or you can perform a function to ring your phone.

    How to monitor SIM card change:-
    1. Install the app and create a password for SIM Card Change
    2. Enter your mobile emergency no. (Eg:- Spouse, family member, friends or secondary mobile no)
    3. When there is any change in SIM card, the app will detect on reboot and request for password. Enter the password that you've created in the setting to save the new SIM. If you bypass the password, it will trigger second level security by sending the info to your Emergency Mobile number.

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