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    No web site to log in to, no ongoing fees, high security. Phone Tracker allows you to track your children, loved ones or employees via their mobile phone by simply sending a text message.

    Only phone numbers registered in Phone Tracker that give the correct password can track the phone so you can be assured that no one else is tracking them. This is important if the mobile/cell phone is in the possession of a child.

    Android manages its memory by shutting down apps that are not in use. Phone Tracker operates as a background service so has the highest priority. If it is automatically shutdown due to low memory it will restart as soon as the memory becomes available offering very high reliability.

    Move from one screen to the next with a sideways swipe across the screen. A test page is provided to test GPS reception, Address conversion and License validity.

    On the first page you can give your mobile/cell phone a name. This name will appear in the received text message so that you can identify one of a number of tracked phones, useful if you provide phones to your employees. The Permissions page allows you to enter the number and password for each phone that will be allowed to track this phone. You can enter as many numbers as you like. Only the last 7 digits are stored so the phone can be tracked internationally or locally without change to the database. Click the ON button and a flashing icon in the status bar shows that Phone Tracker is running. You can conceal this icon by clearing the notification.Then from any a mobile/cell phone registered in Phone Tracker, send a text message containing the password.

    Phone tracker receives the text message starts its GPS to get a latitude and longitude. It will then connect to the internet to convert these values into an address and post code. For greater accuracy the lat/long can be entered into Google Earth.

    Finally if you like this app please click on some of the adds so that I at least earn a few pence. Many thanks for downloading.

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