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    PhoneLab Usage Measurement

    The PhoneLab Team is conducting an experiment to study how smartphone software behaves under realistic conditions, i.e., when used as the primary phone. This Android app runs in the background and gathers various types of usage information from your phone such as battery consumption, WiFi performance, app usage, etc. The following is the information we will collect from your phone:

    Battery usage: We will collect similar types of information you can get from "Settings" --> "Battery".
    * Per-app, per-process, and per-component battery consumption, e.g., Wi-Fi battery consumption, Google Maps battery consumption, etc.
    * Battery charging status (charged/not charged), discharging rate, and temperature
    * Power connection status (power connected/not connected)

    Application usage: We will collect similar types of information you can get from "Settings" --> "Apps".
    * Installed apps
    * Services, tasks, and processes created and used by each app
    * Storage, memory, network, and CPU utilization of each app
    * Default keyboard type
    * Times when the camera takes photos or videos. We do not store any actual photos or videos.
    * Locations requested by each app
    * Sensors used by each app
    * Telephony usage
    * Times when a call is being placed, received, and answered: We do not store any phone number or contact information related to each call. We also do not record your call.
    * Cell towers used
    * 3G data usage (bytes sent/received) and status (3G active/inactive)
    * # of SMS messages sent and received: We do not collect the content or sender/receiver of each message.

    Wi-Fi usage: We will collect similar types of information you can get from "Settings" --> "Wi-Fi".
    * Wi-Fi connection status (connected/disconnected)
    * Wi-Fi access points used
    * Wi-Fi access points scanned
    * Wi-Fi signal strength
    * Bytes sent/received

    * USB plug status (a device plugged/unplugged)
    * Airplane mode on/off
    * Timezone change
    * Screen on/off

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