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    Ordinary photos into stunning works created is a photo editing application.

    Pro version of the future set the filter to provide the detail.

    Available filters:Mixes the RGB channels, Adjusts brightness and contrast,Apply adjustment curves to an image,
    Error-diffusion dithering,Ordered dithering,Change the exposure of an image,
    Adjusts gain and bias,Adjusts image gamma, Grays out an image,Converts to grayscale,
    Adjusts hue, saturation and brightness,Inverts image colors,Adjust image levels
    Change image colors with a lookup table,Channel masking,Posterization,Multiplies colors by a scaling factor,
    Adjusts red, green and blue levels,Solarization,Thresholding,Create a tri-tone image,
    Wrap an image around a circle,Diffuse the pixels of an image,A glass distortion effect,
    Dissolves an image by turning random pixels transparent,Warp images using a field warp algorithm,
    Flip and rotate images, A kaleidoscope effect, A marbling effect, Offset an image for tiling,
    Whirl-and-pinch distortion, Ripple distortion,Lens distortion,"underwater" distortion effect,
    Tile an image into a larger image, Distort an image by twisting, A general grid image warp,
    Simulate water ripples, Mosaic or pixellate an image, Add a border, Simulate chrome,
    Color halftoning effect., Make an image look like stained glass, Simple embossing,
    A video feedback effect, Simple halftoning, Simulate lights on an bump-mapped image,
    Add noise, Draw an image as colored spots,A rubber stamp effect, A woven image effect,
    Render lines or scratches, Painting effects, Render sparkles, Simple blur, Box blur,
    Edge embossing, General convolution, De-speckle an image, Gaussian blur, Add a glow to an image,
    Remove low spatial frequencies, Simulate camera lens blur,Dilation, Median filter for noise reduction,
    Erosion, Simulate motion blur, Oil painting effect, Create light rays, Remove noise from an image,
    Edge detection by Difference of Gaussians...

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