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    Camera measure: Pie+ is a free simple and useful camera measurement tool for Android OS that helps you to measure ratio, relative size of objects or to split objects into equal pieces. You can also use it to measure out parts of the whole objects or volumes and estimate parts ratio accurately.

    The application is easy and intuitive to use: point your camera at an object and use touch screen to measure. It also has built-in help menu with a short explanation how to use it.

    You can use this App in different situations. For example you can cut a pie, pizza or something else in equal parts or portions. Sometimes it is difficult to do by sight especially if you need odd number of pieces (5,7 or 9). It can be also helpful while cooking to measure out certain part of the volume, e.g. 1/3 glass, or cut something with a certain ratio.

    This App can be used in every situation where the relative measurement is important:

    - you learn to draw and you want to measure exactly part ratios of an object and transfer them onto canvas or paper. The App can also help you to draw object proportions correctly.
    - find relative position on a wall for your pictures, e.g. center of the wall or 1/3 wall from a ceiling.
    - use the App as a woodworking or carpeting tool to lay off relative distances from edges.
    - you can also use it for garden planning for relative measurements.

    If you want to measure distance between two points try our camera measurement apps Partometer, Partometer3D, Telemeter or other.

    Thank you for your downloads and support!
    VisTech.Projects Team

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