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    This application was inspired by the information and situations I faced during my education as a commercial pilot. I hope you can find it as useful as I wish I had it back then.

    Some general and theoretical aviation knowledge is required, which I hope will encourage you to keep learning.

    One of the purposes of this app is to make some tedious work as automated as possible, so please drop me a line if you miss any features.


    - Learn how to visualize the Holding pattern in your HSI and tell immediately what kind of entry applies
    - Learn how to quickly calculate the wind components in your HSI
    - Learn how to calculate a heading to a point defined by a VOR (point-to-point navigation) in your HSI
    - Get latest METAR/TAF and NOTAMS using ICAO codes
    - Export the NOTAMS as txt in your SD card for later use
    - Calculate distance, great circle track and initial course for two coordinates
    - Calculate time and distance to the PSR (point of safe return)
    - Make and store ICAO flight plans. Export them as PDF in your SD card ready to be printed or sent to any aeronautical office
    - Filling guide for all flight plan items
    - Calculate the aerodrome pressure altitude, ISA deviation and environmental lapse rate by entering the QNH, temperature and aerodrome elevation
    - Use millibars, inches of mercury, degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit (aerodrome pressure altitude)
    - NEW! Mass and Balance (Beta)
    - Save an unlimited number of Mass and Balance sheets
    - Save an unlimited number of Mass and Balance graphs
    - Export to PDF all Mass and Balance data to PDF (including calculations and graph)
    - This app less than 40 kb after move to SD card
    - Adobe AIR less than 400 kb after move to SD card

    Note: This application requires the free “Adobe Air” application which can be downloaded from the market. A link will be provided after installation.

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