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    Although more difficult in recent years, image retention or "burn-in" is still a possibility, especially on plasma screens. These artifacts may be created if the screen does not change for a long period of time. Android navigation bar icons or TV channel logos often leave such marks.

    With the rise of Android Media Centers and set-top boxes this app offers functions to protect against and help repair burn-in:

    1. Black Screen
    2. White Wash
    3. Color Wash
    4. White Noise
    5. Color Noise
    6. Inverse 4:3
    7. Inverse 2.35:1
    8. Pixel Fixer

    Black Screen

    Several media centers do not come with automatic screen dimming as not running on batteries. The screen is kept on even if you only want to listen to music. This mode, which also has a direct shortcut, displays a dimmed black screen. It does not switch off or lock your screen, which might put your television set into stand-by mode.

    White Wash

    This mode helps removing artifacts, especially ghosting, by displaying a full white screen, showing every pixel at full brightness. Make sure to set your TV brightness to maximum.

    TV technicians recommend using this mode for 20 to 30 minutes every other month. Do not overdo it!

    Color Wash

    This mode helps eliminating color artifacts, for instance, persistent shading or smearing of certain colors. The display alternates between a changing color pattern and white, so you can check for remaining artifacts.

    White Noise

    This mode displays a "snow" pattern to rapidly flicker all pixels on the screen, which helps eliminating image retention. Run this mode for 20 to 30 minutes and open White Wash to check for remaining artifacts.

    Color Noise

    Like White Noise but uses red, green and blue only. You can try this as an alternative to Color Wash and White Noise.

    Inverse 4:3

    When watching 4:3 content on a 16:9 screen there are black bars on the left and right sides causing an uneven aging of the display. The Inverse 4:3 mode inverts this usage pattern. The display alternates between showing white borders and a white screen (to check for remaining artifacts).

    If necessary resize the bars so they tightly wrap your burn-in area. To reset the default size double-tap/click the screen background.

    Inverse 2.35:1

    Same as Inverse 4:3 but removes burn-in caused by watching 2.35:1 movies on a 16:9 screen (smaller bars at top and bottom).

    Pixel Fixer

    Use this mode to repair stuck pixels. This shows one or more small circles continuously changing color (RGB, CMYK or B/W) thereby exercising the pixel. Drag the circle over a stuck pixel and let the colors run for several minutes. The slider adjusts the cycle speed. Long-tap to add a new circle.

    Tap/click the background to cycle the background color; this helps finding stuck pixels in the first place.

    If your screen has a genuine defect you may find more stuck pixels afterward; please use this at your own risk. If you see a dark dot it is likely a dead pixel rather than a stuck pixel. Dead pixels are a lot harder to repair; often it is impossible.


    Please understand this is not exact science. There is no guarantee this app can completely eliminate your burn-in. A lot depends on the severity of the burn-in, screen type and age. You may need to experiment with different modes to see which mode works best for you. Some users may see improvements sooner; others have to wait longer to obtain results.

    Mouse pointers provided by media center editions must be moved away manually. To exit or return from modes press the Back button or tap/click the screen.

    The repair modes rely on Android 3.x/4.x devices being able to go into full screen. Some media centers do not honor this resulting in a dimmed navigation bar. While this is okay for the Black Screen mode it prevents the repair modes from operating correctly. We recommend you try out the demo version first, which limits modes to 15 seconds. Android 2.x is not affected.

    The Internet permission is used for error reporting only.

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