Police Sirens with Lights




    Police Sirens with Lights: Use your phone to play an authentic police siren sound. You can turn on and off the siren sound. Use your phone to display lights sequences like a police car or fire truck.
    Police Sirens with Lights edition is the ultimate lighting app.

    Police lighting features:
    * Easy to use built-in light sequences
    * Multiple preset light sequences
    * 5 unique light textures
    * Fire truck and ambulance lights

    Police siren features:
    * Siren sounds
    * Realistic UI controls
    * Manual siren button

    Use cases features:
    * Use the light at rock, electro swing dance, house, hip hop and electronic music concerts.
    * Use the lights as disco lights at canadian synthpop and electropop music concerts.
    * Use the light in tactical situations or play cosplay with your friends with the ultimate police lights!

    This is the ultimate police light and police sirens for anyone who is looking for the best police lights app.


    "Our Passion is police lighting."

    As a developer and distributor of android apps for police lights, warning lights, emergency lightbars, and emergency lighting, we strive to provide our customers with the most unique blend of contemporary and unique police lighting products.

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