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    POP3 Refresh for Gmail is a one-click solution to refresh your external POP3 accounts in Gmail right from your phone! You can even automate it to refresh your accounts at an interval defined by you (e.g. every 10 minutes).

    Having Gmail pull emails from existing POP3 accounts is a nice feature. However, emails are usually fetched only once every hour. In addition, the mobile Gmail interfaces gives you no way of manually refreshing your accounts. So if you're expecting an important email on one of your external accounts, you'll have to wait - in the worst case - more than an hour before you'll receive that email on your phone. This is where this app comes in. Simply hit "Refresh Now" from the main menu (or from the provided widget) to automatically refresh your external accounts in the background! Each full refresh only takes about 5 seconds on WiFi and slightly longer on 3G.

    Note: You can of course exit the app (using the "BACK"-key) once you've started a refresh - it will complete the refresh in the background.

    Please note that each refresh uses about 200KB of data - make sure that you have an appropriate data plan before activing the "auto-refresh" feature!

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