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    Enjoy all your Windows based programs hosted on your Android device!

    This app allows your Android phone/device to act as the "USB/Samba THUMBDRIVE" on which you currently carry your programs. So INSTEAD of plugging your thumbdrive into any Windows PC, you can now plug your Android phone/device into any Windows PC (via a USB cable & Android's "USB MODE").

    a) CURRENTLY -- You can get new/updated programs ONLY when your THUMBDRIVE is plugged into a Windows PC.

    b) WITH OUR APP -- SAME THING -- You can get new/updated programs ONLY when your ANDROID PHONE/DEVICE is plugged into a Windows PC.

    c) CURRENTLY -- Your programs ONLY RUN when your THUMBDRIVE is plugged into a Windows PC.

    d) WITH OUR APP -- SAME THING -- Your programs will ONLY RUN when your ANDROID PHONE/DEVICE is plugged into a Windows PC.

    e) THE DIFFERENCE & ADVANTAGE OF OUR APP -- You can leave your thumbdrive at home when you go out with your Android phone/device (because that thumbdrive now "exists" within your Android phone/device).

    Notes -

     ★ ★ This app is NOT, yes I said  N O T  a ‘magic way’ of running or installing apps (even the PortableApps installer or ANY P.A. app installers) from natively on your android device!  If you are looking to run programs from another platform then this app is NOT for you!  Try DOSBOX, Mobile C64, SToid or VGB  ★ ★

    A good discussion on how to rate any app:

    This app is a VERY SIMPLE downloader for the Windows USB application. Turn your phone/Android device into a USB/Samba application host.

    This simple app downloads the installer to your device. Once downloaded, flip your device to USB mode. Then, using any Windows based PC install the application platform onto the USB drive mapped to your android device.

    Next - Download and install all your favourite programs to your device. Lastly, use and enjoy all your favorite programs on any Windows based PC on the planet!!

    ★★ It's that simple! ★★


    ★ Support for over 25 Languages!

    ★ Use your Windows programs from any PC. Yes ANY Windows PC in the world!

    ★ Rooted phone can also run programs from a mapped samba drive!

    ★ Share data between native android apps and programs - Like;

    * Android DroidKeePass and Portable KeePass for Windows

    * ThinkFree Office and Portable Open Office for Windows

    * Droid VLC and Portable VLC Media Player

    * Android SSHDroid and Portable Putty

    ★ Play media stored on you device on any PC

    ★ Use Portable Open Office on office documents stored on your device! 


    –This app is NOT, yes I said N O T a ‘magic way’ of running apps (or the PortableApps installer) from natively on your android device. This app only downloads the installer to your phone (or other Android device) so it can be installed on your Andriod Device. will be hosted (stored) on your device only.

    –Always ensure you exit the application before you un-mount your android USB drive (like you should do with any USB device)

    –If using samba, you should also exit application before disconnecting any mapped drives to your android device

    -Please contact us before you post negative comments about this app.

    - Posting one star without any feedback does not help us improve our apps (because we can't know what the problem is), does not help other users (because they get no feedback from you), does not help you (because you will never get app improvements if we don't know what the issues are)

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