POS Printer Driver (ESC)




    Add ESC/POS printing capabilities to your app. Use with either Ethernet, USB or Serial (with serial-USB adapter). Compatible with ESC compatible printers (Epson, Bixolon, etc.). Share a USB/Serial printer with all devices on the network, including from windows with appropriate API usage.

    You can be printing in minutes with just a couple lines of code. It's as simple as creating your intent, adding your ESC formatted string and start the (service) intent. Printing is done in the background. Printing from a windows device will require using our supplied API. Unlicensed version is limited to 100 characters and adds the driver name as a header.

    Share a POS printer on your windows box and print to it with your android app (through our android print app)

    Print html formatted tables, from web browser via share page. More html formatting to come!

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    Tip. When plugging in USB/USB Serial, check "default" so that the driver will auto recognize the device whenever it is plugged in (i.e. after being inadvertently unplugged)

    Note: You may have to reconfigure and/or re-accept the USB device permissions when rebooting the android device

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