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    This application is useful for protection your Android device from stealing and losing it. When your device is stolen or lost, you can send message with appropriate keywords so application could do some tasks and send you response.

    With this application you can find location of your device by GPS or by Cell/WIFI hotspots. Also you can delete your private data like messages, contacts, call log, data on your SD card, browser history and much more. Another option is that you can lock your device so thief cannot access to it.

    When thief change your SIM card, if that SIM number is not in allowed list of SIM cards, device will send message to all your friends in friend list you made.

    You can change settings like timer for message response, GPS accuracy, SMS keywords, options for deleting data etc.
    Also you have option to change password which is used when sending SMS requests, when you unlock your phone or when you access to this app.

    Adding number to friend list and allowed SIM card list is possible by choosing contact from your contact list or entering contact number.

    Upgrade for this application will probably contain:
    - safe locations where location is not checked
    - remote control for some options on device
    - email sending
    - change period of checking GPS location when device is safe
    - English language option
    - other options

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