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    Set alarms to repeat by powerful date rules, which no other apps could do the same.
    This app is kept in case you want to donate to the author.
    It is exactly the same as Power Alarm Clock - Free. If you don't want to pay, please get the free version. No AD in free version.
    Recently there are reports that this app did not work in some Android 5.0 devices. But unfortunately I don't have time to maintain this app for now. Try the free version (no AD) first! Don't waste your money if this didn't work for you!
    Or if you are willing to help, I have publish all source code in github in BSD license here:

    Power Alarm Clock main features:
    1. Define alarm and workday in complex date repeat rules.
    For example, "last Saturday of every month", "12, 16 and 23 of every month". See details in below section.
    2. Combine two or more complex date rules to get more powerful result.
    For example, "from Monday to Friday of every week", plus "last Saturday of every month", then subtract "date range from 25/12/2012 to 28/12/2012".
    3. Disable alarm of single time.
    For example, you set an alarm to ring at 7:30 every morning. It's possible to just disable the alarm of tomorrow morning, while all other alarms will still went off.
    4. Disable alarms of selected date range.
    5. Select any music in your device as alarm ringtone.
    6. Ringtone & vibrate fade in when alarm went off.
    7. Set an alarm to only ring or only vibrate.
    8. Very large snooze button (turn on in preference).
    9. Lock "Dismiss" and "Snooze" button for 2 seconds after alarm went off to prevent misoperation.
    10. Lock "Dismiss" and "Snooze" button when device was in pocket to prevent misoperation.
    11. Snooze time is configurable.
    12. Show next alarm time and remaining time in status bar for easy access (can be disabled in preference).
    13. Snoozed alarm will shown in status bar, you can dismiss it immediately.
    14. If you don't response the alarm for sometime, it will automatically snooze for 3 times, then dismiss to save battery power. An notification message will leave in status bar so you know you miss it.
    15. Speak alarm's name when rings (turn on in preference, currently only English supported).

    Date repeat rules supported:
    1. Selected Dates.
    2. Everyday.
    3. Day of Week (Monday and Friday of every week).
    4. Day of Week in Month (Second Monday and Tuesday of every month).
    5. Last Day of Week in Month (Last Friday of every month).
    6. Day of Month (3, 10 and 18 of every month).
    7. Day Month Range (from 10 February to 15 March of every year).
    8. Day Month Year Range (From 12/25/2012 to 12/28/2012).
    9. Alarm X Off Y Days (Start from 12/24/2011, alarm 21 days then off 7 days in cycle).

    With these powerful date repeat rules, it is possible to set alarms just once, then it will went off on time so you don't have to worry about it everyday!

    Feel free to send me mail if you have any ideas, suggestions or needs any help for this app.

    (C) InfiniteSpace Studio, 2013
    Jimmy F. Klarke

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    Users comments for Power Alarm Clock

    Paul Harris

    by Paul Harris

    Feb 14, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Absolutely brilliant. Can take a bit of fiddling to get alternating/bi-weekly alarms set correctly but has never let me down. Would like an alarm backup and maybe a widget showing next alarm, click to goto app.

    ASM Blur

    by ASM Blur

    Mar 24, 2016  |  "Poor"

    No marshmallow support! Doesn't start at boot despite giving permission. Writing this purchase off as a loss and moving on to something that works.

    Deepak Veliath

    by Deepak Veliath

    Dec 15, 2015  |  "OK"

    Alarms don't go off when they should, especially when I don't plug the phone in to charge at night. Please fix this!

    George Dooling

    by George Dooling

    Jun 03, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    The free version has everything this paid version has. It is just so good that I wanted to donate to the author to show my appreciation. Very flexible and able to create complex schedules. Love this app.

    Jas Ng

    by Jas Ng

    Jan 07, 2015  |  "Great"

    it will be great if there is the voice command feature 'stop, snooze ....'

    Christopher PK Smithies

    by Christopher PK Smithies

    Jul 20, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    The only app I've found that enables me to set a recurring fortnightly alarm. (Used to be easy on Palm OS.) Does the job and does it well.