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    This is NOT an official page plus application, if it wasn't obvious enough already. I am simply a page plus user who wanted a decent way to check my balance, so I wrote this.

    Update Feb-13-2014: Page Plus actually called me yesterday, demanding I take this down. They gave no reason other than 'they are page plus', when I told them that wasn't good enough, they said they would get google to take it down for them. I encourage you to call or email page plus and tell them how ridiculous they are, or switch providers. This app will remain free and open source on the github URL below, and I will also put it up on the free f-droid market shortly.

    Page Plus now all of the sudden after about 3 years wants this app removed from the market because they *may* write their own app *sometime* in the future. If it does get removed, it will always be available at the github URL below (so bookmark it), but maybe you should email page plus to tell them you would like this app to remain on the market if it's helpful to you.

    This app allows Page Plus users to check up on their balance, minutes, texts, and data using the least amount of data transfer possible, OR via SMS.

    Currently tested and works on Pay-go, TnT1200, and Unlimited plans. If it doesn't work on your plan, email me the HTML source to your page plus account info and I'll add in support.

    If you have issues or requests for this app, please create an issue at the github link below. If you can't do that, email me at, but know that github issues will receive priority.

    Code released under GNU/AGPL at github.

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