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    With the Pressure Converter you can easily convert to and from up to 28 different pressure measurements such as BAR to PSI or Pa to Torr.

    Simply input your pressure value and select the To and From Pressure measurement and the Pressure Converter will automatically display the result for you.

    The Pressure Converter is ideal for plant, process and service engineers, site contractors and laboratory technicians in oil & gas, power generation and other industrial settings, where basic conversion may be needed but a computer is not always easily accessible.

    The Pressure Converter currently supports the following measurement conversions:

    bar, psi, mbar, N/m², Pa, hPa,
    kPa, MPa, kgf/cm², mmH2O 4°C, cmH2O 4°C,
    mH2O 4°C, inH2O 4°C, ftH2O 4°C, mmHg 0°,
    cmHg 0°C, inHg 0°C, Torr, mtorr, atm,
    Dynes/cm², oz/in², µHg 0°C, tfsi (UK),
    tfsi (USA), tfsf (USA), psf (USA), gf/cm²
    atm [technical], barad, barye, centibar
    centipascal, centitorr, decibar, decipascal
    decitorr, dekabar, dekapascal, ftHg 0∞C
    kgf/m≤, kgf/mm≤, kN/m≤, kip/ft≤
    kip/inch≤, lb/ft≤, lb/in≤, microbar
    MN/m≤, mPa, nbar, N/cm≤, N/mm≤
    pdl/ft≤, ton/m≤,

    “The Pressure Converter application lets our customers quickly and easily access our pressure unit conversion tool when they are in the field,” said Graham Dawber, Leader of the pressure product line at GE Sensing. “This is the first in a number of free applications we are developing to help our customer’s access useful information through their mobile device.”

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