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    Event Manager helps you get the most out of your Android device by having your device respond to events which occur and taking certain actions. For instance, when you plug your device into AC power, you would like to have your device shut off bluetooth, WIFI and turn down the notification volume. Another example would be automatically launching navigation or starting your playlist playing on Mondays and Fridays when you dock the device in your car. It is also possible to schedule events to have your ringtone change for instance on workdays at 8AM and schedule another event to change to a home ringtone at 5PM. Nesting conditions are also possible where your device only takes actions if all conditions are met.

    This application was designed to be as light on the system as possible to achieve the desired results. For instance, the scheduler is setup so that when you create scheduled events, the app sets an alarm within Android and then goes dormant until Android notifies the app that the schedule has been met. The way the application was designed there is no polling or constant running activities which may impact your battery. Everything is “set and forget” until the Android operating system notifies the app that it needs to respond to a condition.

    WIFI Change (connected to SSID / Disconnected)
    A specific time and day
    Battery state changes (LOW/OK)
    Between time/day range
    Display state changes (display on/off)
    Dock state changes (docked desk, car or undocked)
    Headset state changes (headset plugged or unplugged)
    Power state changes (plugged USB and/or plugged AC)
    When the device reboots

    Change notification or ringtone
    Change ringer, notification, music and alarm volume settings independently.
    Launch application
    Launch web page
    Start listening to a playlist
    Play a sound
    Change screen off timeout
    Toggle WIFI
    Toggle airplane mode
    Toggle auto rotate
    Toggle bluetooth
    Toggle mobile data
    Toggle account sync

    Widget support is now available which allows you to execute an event on touch. Try it out by adding a widget for your event to the home screen. You can now enable/disable an event by long pressing the event. This is useful should you need to disable an event from automatically executing. A disabled event can still be executed via the widget so if you create a widget and do not want the widget to follow the normal automatic execute conditions, simply create the event and disable it. Your widget will still execute the event on touching.

    Version 1.8
    Added new text-to-speech result
    Added execute via event long press
    Added result launch web page
    Fixed Bug in "Between day/time does" day matching
    Fixed Bug in "at a specific time" not executing due to seconds/milliseconds different
    Fixed missing serialVersionUID in TimeSpecific
    Changed "Between day/time does" will not execute. Use "at a specific time".

    Version 1.4
    Fixed scheduler rewrite
    Fixed scheduled events now shows next runtime inside the event
    Fixed added WAKE_LOCK to ensure event notifies when receiver is fired
    Added condition for specific time/day
    Added condition for WIFI changes (connected/disconnected)
    Added result for playing sound
    Added feedback options menu w/log submission ability

    Version 1.3
    Fixed force closing when canceling notification or ringtone picker
    Fixed stopped notification from auto closing after 10 seconds
    Fixed stopped allowing duplicate names (causing confusion)
    Added widget support for quickly changing events
    Added condition for low battery
    Added result to disable/enable events (long press event)
    Added result to adjust auto-screen rotation
    Added result to change screen timeout

    Version 1.2
    Fixed reboot not issuing start command on event receiver service
    Fixed scheduler losing track of the event name (showing garbage in notification)
    Fixed events now sorted by name
    Added new boot complete condition

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