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    ProTek Services LLC has no connection to the HART Communication Foundation, and this application is not an official product of anyone or any company directly or indirectly affiliated with the HART Communication Foundation. We use the HART communication protocol to speak to HART capable devices through a blue tooth HART modem. The HART name and the documents that specify the protocol are owned by the HART Communication Foundation. The HART Protocol is open and free for everyone to use. For more information on the HART protocol and the HART Communication Foundation please visit their Website at

    The HART communication protocol allows field technicians to commission, verify, audit, and calibrate smart devices of all kinds, including pressure transmitters, flow elements, temperature transmitters, level transmitters, etc. Most smart devices use the HART protocol. The protocol piggybacks on the current loop of the transmitter which enables all of this to be accomplished without opening the loop. You just clip on your Hart modem leads right onto the terminal screws and begin looking at the available information and commands that can be taken accomplished through the use of the protocol.

    In the past, we have used laptops with a serial or usb modem, or a dedicated communicator to communicate with the device. However, now we can use a couple of different technologies to accomplish the same thing. With the power available in your smart phone or tablet, we have a full blown computer in our hand. We have all learned to do things on our phones that we would never have dreamed of a few short years ago. We get and send email, we have games and specialty applications that we use everyday. You will be able to handle all of the devices you have.

    The BlueHART app uses a blue-tooth HART modem to be able to communicate with the smart device.

    This free version allows you to test the bluetooth modem connection to the HART device and to change the TAG, DESCRIPTOR, and DATE tags. There is ProTek BlueHART E for educational use only version soon available on the Play Store with the ability to change a number of settings. For more information please visit our website.

    Please be aware that there is a major update coming next month that will include updated data tables. The current version uses some very old data tables, but will be updated as soon as the new data tables are ready.

    HART is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation.

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