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    --Tired of forgetting to disable your Wi-Fi when you get into the office and finding your battery drained by the afternoon?
    --Tired of getting data overages because you forgot to re-enable Wi-Fi when you leave the office?
    --Tired of forgetting to set your phone to vibrate, and being embarrassed during class, or meetings by the ring-tone that your prankster roommate set to "Gay Bar" by Electric Six?

    This app solves those problems by disabling Wi-Fi and/or sound (and enabling vibrate) when you're in range of a specific Wi-Fi network that you set.

    Here's what it does, in detail:
    -Monitors location based on Wi-Fi network availability (lower power consumption than GPS). -- You can set the network to monitor for -- Wildcards are supported.
    -When you get within range of the network specified in the settings, the app disables Wi-Fi, and enables Vibrate-only mode (each can be toggled on or off separately).
    -When you leave the proximity of the network, the app re-enables Wi-Fi and sound.
    -If your device cannot connect to any Wi-Fi network, the app disables Wi-Fi temporarily in order to conserve battery life for you.

    There is an 'ongoing' notification for this app, which is required in order to prevent Android from killing the background process. To prevent this notification from being annoying, it is the lowest priority notification and has a blank transparent icon (so it won't show up in your status bar when collapsed).


    -Add an option to toggle "ongoing" notification (may result in Android killing the background process to recover resources) - (Awaiting more testing)
    -Add an option to select any SSID/network name to toggle wifi and sound off when in range - (DONE!)
    -Add an option to select whether wifi or sound should be enabled or disabled in the vicinity of any network - (DONE!)
    -Add an ability to set up different "profiles" for different access points - (Awaiting more testing)
    -Add functionality for Bluetooth and NFC similar to Wi-Fi - (After giving user the ability to toggle features on/off)
    -Add option to set how often location check happens - (DONE!)

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