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    Do you find it hard to remember all the different passwords that you use in your daily life?
    Are you looking for a password safe application that you can trust?
    PS-Lite is then what you want, a utility application developed to provide maximum security. The application will keep all your password securely encrypted, and you will only have to remember one password used for verification to open the safe. Many applications of this type requires permissions for internet or telephony access, which may feel a bit unpleasant considering the sensitive data it is handling. PS-Lite does not require any such permissions. The application only allows the password data to be brought out of the mobile phone when it is in its encrypted format (for backup), never as decrypted data. And only when being commanded to do so by you, creating an encrypted backup file on the sd card.
    So if you think trust and high security are important aspects, this is the application for you.
    In the following you can find more details about all the features of this app.
    PS-Lite is the free version of Password Servant, the difference is that PS-Lite is restricted to store max 5 entries per password group (7 groups, see below. But as you can create any number of users, there is no limit:). The database built up with PS-Lite can be transferred to PasswordServant when upgrading.
    PS-Lite is designed along security guidelines that should resist cracking from all but very skillful and determined attackers, given that you do not use a too simple password. If you want best in class security robustness you should download the Password Servant.

    * Encryption by usage of AES-128 and MD5 algorithms.
    * Multiple users can have their own login passwords, to access their own, separately protected data.
    * Several different password groups with input fields for relevant data (user name, web link, password,..):
    - Web accounts
    - Computer logins
    - Credit cards
    - Mail accounts
    - Gate codes
    - Encryption device internal files
    - Encryption device external files
    - Network logins
    * Support for search among database password group entries
    * Generate random passwords
    - Select number of characters
    - Select between Numeric / Alphanumeric / Alphanumeric extended character sets
    * Inactivity timeout
    - One minute after the app goes out of focus, or screen goes black.
    - Requires successful login to continue
    * Batch input from file
    - Write input data on your PC into CSV file
    - Move CSV file to phone and let PS-Lite read its content into database
    - Encrypt CSV file, and save a secure copy as backup on your PC
    * Encryption/decryption of files of any type of content or size
    - Encrypt files that you want to keep confidential.
    - The encrypted files can be used for secure communication to other phones, where they can be decrypted (provided you inform about the password).
    * Backup by creating an (encrypted) database copy on the SD-card.
    * Restore by reading a database file from the SD-card.

    * All data entered into the templates are encrypted, except the first field, the name field.
    * The app uses AES-128 for data encryption, using a key derived from master password data from the login process.
    * The app uses a randomly generated 'salt' that is concatenated with your master password, which is then hashed 2000 times using SHA-256.
    * Has no internet access permission. This app only have permission to access the SD card, to be used for the following cases:to backup/restore the data file, to import the CSV file for batch input, or to encrypt/decrypt a selected file.

    The entire help information for PS-Lite is available on the developers homepage:

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