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    If you use then this app is for you!

    See the Getting Started guide at

    General features include:
    - Pull out the navigation draw from the left.
    - Search for and Add any System or Team from
    - Build your own dashboard with your favourite graphs. Click on the dashboard graphs to jump to the system page.

    System Pages:
    - Intraday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly system pages.
    - Swipe left/right to move between Intradays, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly graphs.
    - Swipe up/down to move between Generation, Consumption, Import/Export kWH, Import/Export Monetary and Extended Data.
    - Use menu on the system page to Add to Dashboard, View/Edit System Details, Edit TOU Tariffs, manually add outputs, refresh all data or delete the system from the app.
    - Portrait shows graph and data grid. Click on data heading to hide the graph to view data list in full screen. Click heading line again to restore the graph.
    - Rotate to landscape to see full screen graph.
    - Drill using a list click or long press.

    System Pages Drill Mode:
    - Indicated by drill period in round brackets in page heading.
    - When in drill mode, swipe left/right to move period. eg: move from month to month, year to year etc.
    - Use the back button to exit Drill Mode.
    - Access Drill Mode via list click or long press.

    Home Screen Widgets:
    - Keep informed by nice homescreen widgets.
    - A basic 1x1 text widget for free.
    - In-app subscription (7 day free trial) for additional Text, Graph and Progress Bar home screen widget options.
    - Place a 2x1, resize and then adjust the width/height via the widget configuration screen.
    - Click on the system name to re-enter the widget configuration screen.
    - Click on the widget to enter the app.

    Live Feeds:
    - Be mesmerised by the animated dots that represent electricity flowing between the grid (import or export) your solar panel generation and your household comsumption.
    - In-app subscription (7 day free trial).
    - Great for an in-home display to help your family visualise their real-time power consumption and reduce those bills. Cook some toast and watch those dots fly!
    - Currently supports Efergy (Energyhive), VeraLite and SolarEdge. Planning Fronius.

    Access to data is governed by the API limits and restrictions. Making a donation to will provide API bonus features that this Android app takes advantage of but it is not mandatory for basic app functions. See for further detail. Of particular interest are the following:
    - Higher rate limits.
    - The ability to retrieve detail and generation data for any system.

    Want to go Ad Free?
    You have two options:
    1. Be an active supporter of by making a donation AND join the 'McDonalds Android App' team on
    2. Ad Free in-app subscription (7 day free trial)

    Show your support and join the PVOutput Android App Team. Join/Leave the Team directly from the app in the System Edit page or see

    Don't hesitate to drop me an email ( with any problems or suggestions.

    Use this link to join the Beta Test Group:

    This application uses Google Analytics to anonymously collect usage stats. You may opt out via an in-app preference. I hope you don't ... the stats keep me motivated ;)

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    Users comments for PV Output

    Kieran Clarke

    by Kieran Clarke

    May 29, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Great app for interacting with Pvoutput data. Wide range of views. Love the integrated previous day data on the current day data. Author is easily contactable regarding suggestions and improvements.

    Paul Burrows

    by Paul Burrows

    Jan 28, 2017  |  "OK"

    Slow to load and dark text on dark background makes it very hard to use.

    Mark Syms

    by Mark Syms

    Jan 24, 2017  |  "OK"

    Most recent change is drawing the text black on dark grey, not very helpful. Prior to this change it also seemed to take two or three refresh attempts to get the data to display. Can't tell if this is fixed due to the black on grey text issue.

    Matthew McDonald

    by Matthew McDonald

    Nov 17, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    ....slow to update at times.

    Noel Fairclough

    by Noel Fairclough

    Sep 24, 2016  |  "Good"

    The app shows useful information from PVOUTPUT and displays it in good looking graphs. The only problem I have is that it is soooo slow. Even on my Galaxy S7. Other PVOUTPUT apps swipe effortlessly and are very fluid when moving between screens. This one suffers from a delay/lag like it's running on a very slow phone. The information presented in the app great but the performance needs to be tweaked.

    Eric Johnson

    by Eric Johnson

    Aug 12, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Not sure what happened but this thing is now sooooooooo slow it's just about worthless. Really wait 2 min just to load 1 graph? It used to be almost instant. Sorry to say but barely worth using like this. Hope you can fix whatever the issue is. Maybe need to find an old version I have backed up somewhere...