Are not you in your office but who you want anybody who is looking for you know where you are? Do not waste post-it notes.

    Very easy!!! QR-Where provide you a custom QR code that you can print out and place it in a visible place (on your desk, on the door of your office, ...) to inform everybody who looks for you..

    Your QR code is always the same! Just change your status using the application from your phone, wherever you are.

    Anyone with a QR code reader will know your current state.

    QR-Where is a tool that lets you make your status visible (up to eleven predefined situations that you can set a custom text, such as 'I'm away', 'I met', 'I'm close', etc..).

    This current status will be visible to all who come looking for you. Also, you can specify how long the current status is valid so you can update it and forget about it again.

    When you make an account with QR-Where an email with your QR code is sent to you having you identified by your name or nickname . Put the QR code where everyone can see and use the app to change your current status.

    Your new status will be visible to anyone reading your code with a QR code reader (regardless of the type of terminal).

    Enjoy QR-Where.

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