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    Presume you are on the Internet via Mobile network,then your phone remind you that you have to close it because of the insufficiency.
    So you want to switch the mobile network to wifi,How do you do that?
    Bother settings and select the sub-menus one by one?

    If you are still use the traditional way,I can tell you that you have been out of date!
    I have to admit that human is extremely smart.They can create anything as long as there is need in our everyday life.

    This application Quick Switch Widget is designed for the quick switch on the phone.
    Just need one tap and manage your settings easily.

    Steps to install it:
    Go to the widget-adding by clicking the menu button.
    Select the Quick Switch Widget and it will be on the home screen.

    Current switches:
    -Five switch options available
    -Mobile network
    -Airplane Mode
    -Quick profile setting,including General,vibration and silence.

    -When you open one of wifi,mobile network and bluetooth, the Airplane Mode will be closed automatically.
    -Similarly,if you open the Airplane Mode,other option will not take effect.
    -Quick Profile settings will not be influenced by other settings .
    Quick Switch Widget is an app which allows you to toggle settings from your home screen.
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