This application is an example of use of the SQLite data base. You can create and maintain tables in an easy way. You have two examples of use of this DB: a simple note and a quote application .

    This application has various sub-applications:

    1. Sqlite DB: data base with 2 tables (notes y quotes), where we can:
    - create and maintain tables thru SQL command.
    - insert, modify or delete registers from a table.
    - dynamically query these registers.
    - load these tables from a CSV file with ; separator.
    - unload(backup) these tables to a CSV file with ; separator.

    2. Notes: table (notes) with only 2 fields:
    - note type (ex: CNT, SQL, SAK...) .
    - note text.
    These notes can be related with a mobile contact.

    3. Quotes: table(quotes) with these fields:
    - quote name (GOOG, mc...).
    - purchased number.
    - purchased price.
    - purchased date (format YYYY-MM-DD).
    We get stock quotes from Yahoo Finance to obtain the current price and calculate the loss or benefit.
    We can load these quotes from a CSV file with ; separator.

    4. Contacts: mobile contacts, we can:
    - call or send a message.
    - create a related note with a contact.
    - create a related event with a contact.
    - list notes and events of this contact.

    5. Events: calendar events of the mobile, we can:
    - create a simplified event with only the start date and the title.
    - delete an event.
    - list events order by date.
    - These events can be related with a mobile contact.

    6. Photo: take photos with keywords:
    - make a photo with the mobile camera.
    - choose one o more keywords for this photo.

    7. Gallery: see the photos:
    - choose a keyword and you will see all the photo list.
    - choose a photo

    8. Explorer: explore the system file
    - basically to explore the sdcard directories
    - it's used to load CSV files

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