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    This app is about timings in Ramadan (Ramzan, Ramzan) for starting and breaking the Fast (Saum, Roza) both during the month of Ramadan and throughout the year.

    This app calculates timings for starting and breaking your fast. Ramadan, Islamic month of blessings and fasting, requires all Muslims to exercise fasting. This app will help you calculate your Ramadan timing based on your GPS location, your current time zone and astronomical calculation methods agreed upon by most authentic Islamic universities and scholarly institutions.

    The app is very useful for those who travel, have no mosque nearby or have no Ramadan calendar, or just want to verify their current calendar. You can also use this app for calculating saum (roza, fasting) timings for any day throughout the year.

    The features include

    * Calculates the timing of starting and breaking your fast (roza, saum)
    * Calculation is based on your GPS location - automatically detects your current location
    * Correct timings based on your current time, time-zone, location and several astronomical factors.
    * Customizable variables like calculation methods, location and time zone.

    The calculation methods used to work out the Fajr and Maghrib timing supported by this app include:

    * Muslim World League - MWL
    * Islamic Society of North America - ISNA
    * Egyptian General Authority of Survey
    * Umm al-Qura University, Makkah
    * University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
    * Institute of Geographics, University of Tehran
    * Shia Ithna Ashari (Ja'fari)

    Tips for correct Ramadan timing calculation.
    * Please make sure your phone date and time is correctly set.
    * Please make sure your phone's time zone is correctly set.
    * Please detect your location to view your timing.
    * If your app is not detecting your location indoors, please go outdoors to detect your location (needed once).

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