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    Additional features like EDITING & RENAMING lists, item SORTING, random NUMBERS, and a GRADUAL shuffle reveal mode!

    Have you ever had trouble deciding something and wanted help? Have you ever held a drawing or contest and needed an easy, fair way to pick a winner? How about an argument with someone that needed to be decided by an unbiased source, more fail-safe than "rock, paper, scissors"? Your answer to these problems, and more, is the Randomizer Pro application from Kwixo Designs! Randomizer Pro allows you to keep any list for later, saving your precious time. Instead of tediously re-entering items into the randomizing list, simply press the load list button and your list is filled back in for you!

    Randomizer Pro has a simple three step process that can quickly solve any randomization need in a snap!

    Step 1) Enter the desired options to randomize.

    Step 2) Select a check-box to indicate whether you would like the items shuffled together or if you want Randomizer to pick a single item for you from the list.

    Step 3) Simply shake your phone or press the big "Randomize!" button to submit and receive your result!

    It couldn't be easier, and it's all for only 99 cents!

    You can use Randomizer Pro to:

    -Shuffle Students in a Class
    -Choose a Contest Winner
    -Make a Simple Decision
    -Answer a Yes or No Question
    -Defuse a Debate
    -Help Pick a Movie
    -Figure Out Where to Go to Eat
    ANYTHING! And because it's the pro version, you have the ability to save the longer lists for use again later!

    The possibilities are endless, and we hope our app helps you in whatever your endeavor may be.
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