With the tool you can calculate the gear revolutions from a rc-heli (or rather the head speed). You have to describe the engine parameter and the gear from your helicopter.
    Important gear parameters are revolutions per minute per volt (Kv), the engine voltage and the ESC value in percent.
    The gear is defined with cog wheel positions at the shaft and the cogs from the cog wheel.
    The program has presets for the helicopter: AcrobatSE, Align T-Rex 250SE/450/500/700, Compass Atom 6hv/7hv, EXI 250, GAUI Hurricane 425, GAUI X5, Herobo Embla 450E, MSH Protos, Outrage fusion 50, SAB Goblin 700, Henseleit TDR, Nova7.0

    How to use:
    Gear wheel:
    - short touch activates / deaktivates the gear wheel
    - touch and move changes the cog count
    - long touch (1sec) without move changes the gear wheel in a gear belt
    Shaft name:
    - Change it by touching the name or rpm.

    V 1.4.3
    + Now you can use 4 or 7 shafts.
    + new presets: Henseleit TDR, Nova 7.0
    V 1.4.2
    + small changes for android4
    + new presets: Herobo Embla 450E, SAB Goblin 700, EXI 250
    V 1.4.1
    + new presetss: Align T-Rex 700, Outrage fusion 50, Compass Atom 6hv/7hv
    + Look is now android version independent.
    + Menu with icons
    - Bugfix in email presets.
    V 1.4.0
    + Shows ratio for pinion to mainshaft and tail to mainshaft (xx:1)
    + save with question and only if you made changes
    + presets now with prefix '~'
    + now you can't modify presets. Changes are stored with no prefix.
    + cogs from wheel can selected a bit better
    + new presets: GAUI X5, MSH Protos
    V 1.3.4
    + Gear parameter revolution per minute per volt has now 5 digits
    V 1.3.3
    + Graphic improvements (number wheel)
    V 1.3.1
    + Menu Help (show the text 'How to use')
    - Bugfix: Units
    V 1.3
    + new Presets: AcrobatSE , T-Rex 250SE, T-Rex 500 (thanks to Andreas und Rene)
    + Added gear belt to bridge a shaft. (nice idea from Andreas)
    + Added shaft typ name.
    + move to SD card (with Android 2.2)
    - Bugfix: after changing engine parameter all values are recalculated
    - Bugfix: Values greater than 999999 RPM will be visible as >999999 and don't destroy the layout.
    - small patches
    V 1.2
    + cogs from wheel can now selected precisely (Thanks for comment from Brian and MarkD)
    + Presets for: Hurrican 425, T-Rex 450 (Thanks for good idea from Brian)
    + In the menu you can select 'email presets' to send me your presets. So i can add them to the next version. By using the menu item, you email client opens with all preset values. You can remove rows you don't want to send. (Help me to generate a good preset list.)
    + Added toast for load and save.
    - Bugfix: Load now recalculates all values correct.
    V 1.1
    - now with function load, save and delete
    V 1.0.1
    - Bugfix: small display resolution (HTC Wildfire)
    - Number input now nicer

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