RCEC Energy Conservation




    RCEC is excited to launch an energy conservation and efficiency app. Energy conservation can help RCEC build a sustainable energy future and its customers money. If we all take actions to decrease our energy use, we can each....
    *Save money by decreasing our utility bills.
    *Help RCEC use production resources effectively
    *Help keep energy prices low in the long run
    *Help the nation work toward energy independence
    *Help the environment

    *Your Energy Efficiency Report for the last 12 months
    *Your energy use this month compared to the same month last year
    *Let us know what you are doing to conserve and we can track the success of your efforts for you.
    *Set goals to save money and reduce your own personal power consumption.
    *See tips and other resources that might help you increase the energy efficiency of your home
    *Send us feedback on your experience conserving energy

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