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    A mobile protection app that is the easiest and fastest way to erase your personal/business information from your smart device without physically destroying it.

    Who needs this app?

    * Drivers - because the authorities will get your phone & data
    * Students - prevent professors, deans, security and teachers from seeing your data
    * Business professionals - protect client and proprietary info
    * Personal relationships - use RED ALERT as an anti snooping tool
    * Freedom demonstrators/organizers - protect yourselves and friends from oppressive authorities
    * Social media users - clear your social media activity
    * Military - protect your smart device when on duty
    * Families - parents, protect your children's pictures and your family's contact information
    * Everyone - protect yourselves against ambiguous privacy laws

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    * Erases your phone empty to the manufacturers original presets in seconds
    * Option to wipe media card
    * Simple & quick to use
    * The distinctive RED ALERT button at your finger tips
    * NO Wi-Fi, Internet or wireless access required
    * We do not collect any information with this app

    RED ALERT is a solution to protect law-abiding citizens from a “judge, jury and executioner” approach around the world.

    There are techniques and devices currently deployed around the world that allow authorities, without your knowledge or consent, to tap-in to your smart devices and collect and retain ALL your information. This is usually accomplished under the disguise and pretext of cooperation, and local and national security.

    Our Story:

    The idea that sparked this app was one incident involving the search & seizure of a cell phone. We heard a story of a friend who was out for an evening with his friends. After a night on the town, two groups of friends decided to call it an evening. As one group drove off, the 2nd group took longer to leave, and while departing the parking lot they were pulled over for “probable cause”. This led to an arrest of this group, and then the authorities proceeded to go through the cell phone texts of this 2nd group.

    The first group that had already departed received a text asking for assistance, and upon returning, they were detained and arrested for responding to the text. The police had sent the text asking for assistance, therefore creating a sting operation.

    All the suspect’s phones were confiscated, which provided the authorities with free access to a vast quantity of valuable personal information. In the end, there were unreasonable consequences, financial loss, public embarrassment and personal humiliation.

    This is just one example of why you need an app that is considered a "Panic Button" such as RED ALERT for only 1.99.

    Everyday users from all walks of life are subjected by pressure from all types of authorities (police, paramilitary, security, school admin, employers, parents, spouses, etc.) to comply with requests to expose what is on their smart devices. For most users, without proper knowledge of their rights, it is easier to comply under the pretext of cooperation, and at that moment they jeopardize their personal data, security and basic rights to privacy.

    RED ALERT users will at least have the opportunity to prevent their data from falling into the wrong hands.

    It may be years before legal protections catch up to industry practices. Pictures & videos, emails & texts are captured on cell phones and other smart devices, and can easily be sent out worldwide. The release of any of this information can easily create bad publicity, personal and professional complications, as well as many legal issues. The protection of individual privacy will continually be challenged.

    It warrants to ask, “How much control do I have over my own outcome?” For 1.99 it has become possible through Red APPricot and the RED ALERT app to give everyone a reset button for time sensitive and critical situations where your personal information needs to be eliminated.

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