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    3G, 3.5G, 4G, etc.. quickly consume the battery of your Android phone and your balance to be constantly active, now can configure Red control only activate / deactivate when opening or closing your Facebook, Twitter, etc.. You can save up to 35% of your battery and up to 25% of your balance. Several useful ways to economize.

    The Smart Mode active mobile data only to check if an update of their applications and then off again, the benefit of this is very obvious.

    The Eco Mode active mobile data when using your smartphone or tablet and off when you block it or stop using it.

    The remaining modes are of different applications (the most used), each active mode mobile data (only when using some of the previously selected applications) and deactivates when you stop using it (It's a novelty that has no other application of this type in the market).

    You can use all modes simultaneously, also in the configuration section you can configure the check intervals and modes to detect applications in foreground and background.

    The application comes with 3 widgets ( 4x1, 1x1, 1x1) very useful to let you enable / disable Mobile Data and / or Wifi in a very easy way (See Screens ) , also control the main functions of the APP .

    Also the application has a help section and many other things .

    Suggestions to keep improving the application is received .

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