Regexenator is a powerful yet simple regular expression tool. You can use Regexenator to create, test, and evaluate regular expressions and search text for matches of your regular expressions. The Replacement feature allows you to use your regular expression to easily find/replace text. If you need to perfect your RegEx later, you can save your work and come back later. If you need some examples, you can use the Cookbook to get started.

    Feature List:
    - Acts as a RegEx Matcher and highlights matches with alternating colors
    - Allows for substitution of text using a replacement expression.
    - A Cookbook that provides example regular expressions and test cases
    - A Catalog of regular expression special characters and sequences and their usages
    - Support for multiple tests for each regex
    - Built-in share feature - Once you've perfected your regular expression, you can use this feature to email the re to your work address, text to a co-worker, copy to clipboard, etc.
    - Configurable Quick-Entry buttons for characters not readily available via keyboard
    - Settings that allow multiline expressions, case insensitive, etc.
    - Ability to save regular expressions, replacement expression, and tests
    - Supports the Java regular expression library as support by Pattern and Matcher
    - Great Regex evaluation tool for tablets

    More features and updates are planned to constantly improve the usefulness of this app. Let us know what you’d like to see!

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