Remote Controll Airplane, WiFi

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    Remote Controll Airplane, WiFi

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    This application is recommended for:

    1. Children not used to smart phones and still need to adapt further skills;
    2. Parents who can’t answer the phone because airplane mode is on by mistake.

    Though smart phones provide a lot of conveniences, one may still encounter problems if the “airplane mode” is on by mistake. “Airplane mode” prevents features like making a call or sending text messages from working.

    This application, “Not in airplane mode,” is good for children and adults who aren’t used to using smart phones. Even if “airplane mode” is activated by mistake, the original setting will be restored.

    Of course, when one wants to be in “airplane mode,” one can easily by pass this setting just by changing the setting back to “airplane mode.”

    If ones parent’s smart phone is accidentally on “airplane mode,” it may be difficult to get a hold of anyone. It may also be difficult to explain to one’s parents how to de-activate “airplane mode.”

    This application, “Not in airplane mode” is easy to use. With a few simple clicks, a smart phone in “airplane mode” can be restored automatically.

    When one wants to show one’s children to one’s parents using visual calling, if the WIFI is on, one can’t connect to one’s parent’s phone with visual calling.

    Also, this problem can be resolved with some simple clicks. This application, “Not in WIFI mode” helps one’s parents or children to turn on or turn off WIFI by checking up on present conditions.

    I highly recommend this application to everyone.

    Also, it works well with one’s cell phone setting, for setting one’s parents or children’s phone if both phone and the other’s applications are installed at the same time.

    These applications will eliminate problems connected to accidental activation of certain settings: airplane mode, WIFI, and Bluetooth.

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