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    Published: 2014-03-05, by .

    Feel safe at home with eKameno remote-controlled tools

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    "Smartify your home"

    Maybe you don't want or you cannot afford expensive home alarm systems. In most cases, knowing if something is going wrong at home is enough to take measures. eKameno provides you with those security and media tools you need to make your home smarter.

    Since we are talking about controlling our home's stuff remotely, you need at least two devices (a client and a server) and two apps (the client app is called 'Remote', and the server app is the 'Node'). Once everything is set, you can perform and automate some actions.

    For example, you can set an Alarm Security System for when something is moving inside your home. The home's device takes a photo which is automatically sent to the Node app. Likewise, you can take pics manually anytime you need so.

    However, eKameno isn't only about security. You can also control your music from your mobile while chilling on the couch, execute some other actions with a simple tap or by voice commands. Unleash all the potential of the app with its plugins for WeMo devices and X10 protocol compatibility.

    eKameno is backed by a powerful app concept. However, it should be enhanced regarding design and intuitiveness. Likewise, it needs a step-by-step tutorial, especially for setting up actions.

    Regardless, eKameno is a promising fully-functional app.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Mar 05, 2014


    Turn an old smartphone into a surveillance camera in order to see what is happening inside your home or office from everywhere at every time. eKameno allows you to monitor people and things you care about. Use it as a nanny cam, as a pet monitor or as a home security camera. It is really simple to use, install the Remote in your everyday phone and then install the Node in other Android phone that you can place at home.

    The application sends you a notification and real time images which will be stored in your mobile memory when your Node camera detects some movement inside the house. So you will be able to access to these pictures always you want it. Once you have figured out what is happening you can send an acoustic alarm or play the music inside your house if you wish.

    Further to use eKameno as a IP camera or web cam we are developing eKameno in order to allow you to control lights and home appliances using compatible smart devices as the wifi switch WeMo. We are also working on actions by voice or by proximity using NFC stickers. In a little while eKamenoo will be the easiest way to control the Internet of things at home.

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