Removed History




    Before install "Removed History" uninstalled applications don't list up.

    Added a new function !

    You can create QR cord.
    It is link to install application of Google Play.
    It is very useful when install application to other device .

    When not supported OS version or device.
    "I want to try that application !" when your friends said it.

    This edition is a function limited and ad-supported version.
    Do you want to upgrade to Pro version?

    - Differences between free version -
    ・List with applications icon
    ・Export applications list to SD card(Full)
    ・Import applications list from SD card(Full)
    ・Can add comments
    ・Removes Ad

    It is able to easy create list of uninstalled applications.
    You don't need to do anything after installing this app.
    Useful when want to reinstall.

    Tap and hold applications name of list.
    Context menu open.
    【Google Play】Direct link to Google Play, and reinstall applications.
    【Delete item】Delete item of list.
    【Create QR code】Create QR code.
    【Edit comment】(Pro version only)

    Push menu key.
    Option menu open.
    【Delete all items】Delete all items of list.
    【Sort】Sort by applications name(Ascending/Descending) or date of uninstall(Ascending/Descending).
    【Export】Export list to SD.(For transportation)
    【Import】(Pro version only)

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