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    You should always have peace of mind and know who is calling you! Not sure who is calling you? Want to know if you can trust who is on the other end of your phone? TRUST the PhoneInvestigator to get you the Instant Phone Reports you need to keep your family safe!

    PhoneInvestigator's Reverse Phone Lookup algorithm can locate any landline phone number and most cell numbers. Use the PhoneInvestigator to Reverse Phone Lookup any NANPA phone number. Unknown callers, cell phones, published or un-published phone numbers can be searched for using PhoneInvestigator.

    PhoneInvestigator’s simplified approach will find “Public Records” for practically any Phone number. PhoneInvestigator's phone search is much like using a phone book except you are starting with a phone number instead of a name.

    PhoneInvestigator APP HIGHLIGHTS:
    -Instant Phone Number Search!
    -Easily search anyone in your Contact Book
    -Update Your Contact's Current Information
    -Search your recent calls inside the App
    -View map of phone number’s approximate location
    -Your Recent Searches are saved in the App
    -Tap to call or text from inside the App

    PhoneInvestigator IS ALSO GREAT FOR:
    -Online Daters
    -Real Estate Agents and Owners
    -Social People
    -On-the-go Executives
    -MOMS and DADS
    -Job Seekers

    Please help us make our app better, only leave constructive helpful comments that will benefit the PhoneInvestigator community. Our “Mobile Feedback” center inside the app is designed to listen to what you have to say and to make the PhoneInvestigator even better!

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