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    RingLock Lite is a 4x1 space widget accompanied by an application that allows you to lock your call and notification volumes at a specific level. Set and forget your volume levels in 3 easy steps. Quick access buttons allow you to change the phone's ringer mode!

    ♦ 4x1 space widget with quick access controls
    ♦ Theme support for widget (1.1.0)
    ♦ Theme pack support for widget (1.1.0)
    ♦ Control calls and SMS/MMS (text and multimedia messages) seperately
    ♦ Extensive instructions for all features
    ♦ Backup and restore to and from SD card
    ♦ Pro edition features in Evaluation Mode

    RingLock Lite Features Explained:

    Extensive Instructions: Detailed instructions for each feature. Full instructions for what each feature is used for, explanation of each option and simple tips and tricks on other ways to use each feature.

    Import & Export: Both the Lite and Pro editions include the ability to backup data to the SD card. Whether upgrading to the Pro edition or switching phones, you can backup and restore in a few simple steps.

    RingLock Lite Evaluation Mode:

    RingLock Lite includes the advanced features from RingLock Pro in Evaluation Mode. This mode allows management of all entries, but the features will not actually function. The included features that are in Evaluation Mode are:

    The Scheduler: A powerful way to schedule weekly repeating events. Select a time, give it a name and select the days of the week for it to activate. The widget helps track the next event by showing it in the status bar at the bottom. Control whether the VIP List is on or off and have it vibrate to notify you when the schedule changes the phone's ringer mode.

    Event Timers: Quick, customizable and reusable. Use them for movies, meetings, dinners, dates and more! Set a timer via the popup menu and the widget will track how long the event has left. Can be used as a simple reminder timer also!

    VIP List: Never miss another important call. Set important people to notify you discreetly when in vibrate and silent mode. Set notifications and volume levels for calls and messages to make sure you know that important person is trying to reach you. The widget and scheduler help decide when the VIP List is active.


    If you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Many of the current features are from previous users and testers. We are continuously adding and improving to provide the best experience for you.

    If you have any reason to downrate this application, please visit our website at or use the link the Market provides, and let us know. We'd appreciate the opportunity to correct issues or improve the experience for our users.

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