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    This application does one thing: It changes the ringer volume depending on whether an Android phone is plugged in. When the phone is plugged in, it turns up the volume to maximum. When the phone is unplugged, it turns the volume back to its previous level. That's it.

    This one does one thing. It will never do more than one thing. Because one thing is all that it needs to do.

    Additional Features:
    - None
    If it had an additional feature, it would do two things, wouldn't it?

    What more do you need? You're lucky I gave you that much.

    Does it work on both AC and USB power?
    Not sure why I would need to explain that, but I don't want any confusion out there.

    Why Do I Need This App?
    Because, for some reason, my Android phone does not have a setting to turn up the volume when I plug it in. This is annoying because the phone does not vibrate loud enough to be heard in another part of the house.

    Because I found this to be an incredibly annoying cause of missed calls, I wrote my own app to fix this oversight. If you are also missing this option and you are annoyed by it, then install this app. If your phone has this option, then you don't need this one. If you are not annoyed by the lack of this option, you don't need this app either.

    Coming Features
    The failure of software to do two things does not annoy me. Therefore, the one thing it does is the only thing that it will do.

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