Ring Mode Manager




    Ring Mode Manager makes your smartphone smart enough to switch ring modes(Silent,Vibrate & Normal) based on your location.

    The Ring Mode Manager collects your location information and sets the ring mode based on your location. Just educate Ring Mode Manager on the ring modes you prefer for locations you frequently visit (Silent mode @ office, Normal mode @ home, etc) and it does mode switching for you.

    Application Screens:
    CREATE RULE screen helps the user to define rules by letting the user select a location on the map using the long press gesture and then saving it with a name. Similarly, other locations that you frequently visit could be located on the map and rules could be defined.
    MANAGE RULES screen lists out the rules defined. It also provides the user with delete & edit option.
    APPLICATION SETTINGS screen provides an interface to edit user preferences

    Known Issues:
    1. User location traced by the app might not be accurate. This is not a major concern as the user can always pin exact locations on the map.
    2. Addresses obtained while pinning user location might not be accurate to the building/door number level. This is not a concern as the app works on user's geographic co ordinates and not addresses. Addresses are for user's reference only.

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