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    When you start this app you get Ringer Mode switches which you can use every time you need to switch ringer mode. Just select the ringer mode that you want to have, easy as that! Sometimes you need to access sound settings, drag the button upwards! You can also use the Ringer Mode widget!

    More about the app
    Change screen brightness instantly, change ringer mode instantly, or maybe you want to enable WiFi which is done with just one click! Sometimes you need WiFi settings when you have found a new wifi spot, just drag up the WiFi button and there will be a link to the Wifi settings. This is the way the app works in general when using Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and many other functions. On top of the list, a switch button, drag the button up, and you will find the settings for that function on the bottom. Other great features are a mirror, ruler, screen light and LED light buttons that are as easy to find as the rest. Read the full list below. This app also works as a battery power saver because it always shows status of functions that drain the battery and lets you turn them off.

    You can always access the buttons and shortcuts by either using the widget, getting the app from "recent apps menu", or by using the notification message! You don't have to leave the app that you are currently in!

    Along with a super improved experience with your Android device, you get:
    Screen brightness (instant change) and settings
    Ringer mode (instant change) and settings
    Bluetooth switch, visibility mode, and settings
    Wifi switch and settings
    Mobile internet switch and settings
    GPS switch
    Airplane mode switch
    NFC switch
    LED light (flashlight) switch
    Share your internet via Bluetooth switch (tethering)
    Share your internet via Wi-Fi switch (tethering)
    Share your internet via USB switch (tethering)
    App list shortcut
    Accounts & Synchronize shortcut
    System settings shortcut
    Ruler with inches and centimeters
    Screen light (white light torch)
    Mirror (front camera) with night light and sunlight mode. Pause button.

    All this in a clean but very powerful control of great tools available as:
    Notification message
    Lockscreen widget (Android 4.2+)

    The buttons in these come preconfigured, but they can be customized through settings:
    • Change order of buttons
    • Remove buttons
    • Add buttons
    • Change theme, colors

    This app comes in several themes with different background colours:
    Blue indicators with dark background
    Pink indicators with dark background
    Blue indicators with bright background
    Pink indicators with bright background

    Also includes a battery indicator in the status bar with the features:
    Percentage status, 50% is shown as 50
    Coloured battery indicator, from green to red
    Possibility to remove this power indicator

    Other features:
    * Send error report to us through the app
    * Send suggestions to us through the app
    * Send this app to your friends
    * Link to rate our app
    * Find our other apps

    - Works on all homescreens, not restricted to Go Launcher (which was previously required to be able to use list views in the home screen) or any other "launcher". It is possible to resize the widget in most homescreens.

    - Works on all devices, from small phones to big tablets!

    - Automatically reads if your device does not support a feature. In that case, the buttons for that feature gets hidden, but still possible to add, through settings.

    - Translated into more than 50 languages!

    - The permissions that are used in this app are required for the features above to work.

    - This app comes for free, please help us and share it with all your friends. Help us improve this app!

    - This is the ultimate settings tool control widget, and was developed by sun light weather!

    Find us at:

    Note: Buttons mentioned in this text can be interpreted as toggles, switches, settings, shortcuts

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