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    When you are in your school, RingFu automatically turns OFF the ringer!
    When you leave the school, RingFu automatically turns ON the ringer!
    No setup required!
    Works like a magic!!!!

    We are in the 21st century and technology is changing as fast as the speed of light. Now a days, we just call or text our friends instead of physically talking to them. Even school can't keep us away from our glorious smart-phones. We all(students and faculty members) take our phones to school. Some people just turn off their phone, instead of turning off ringer. After school, they might forget to turn the phone back ON, causing them to potentially miss calls. Also, if your phone goes off in class, you could get in trouble. For example if you are doing FCAT, and your phone rings during testing period, your test can be disqualified with no grade.
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    RingFu runs in the background. Will turn off the ringer automatically, when you enter school. For now, RingFu only works for Seminole County Florida public high and middle schools. Ringer is turned back ON, when you leave the schools.

    Created by Pareena, a student herself.

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