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    Freedom without roaming fees.

    Voice and messaging on your own terms.

    Do you travel internationally and hate paying roaming fees? RoamHero is for you!

    RoamHero is currently in private BETA. We thank all our BETA customers for providing valuable feedback!

    Should you encounter any problem before you rate RoamHero anywhere below 5 stars, please kindly mail us at to give us an opportunity to provide you with assistance in resolving your issues.

    RoamHero offers 3 services that work in most countries

    1) RoamHero Local SIM Manager
    RoamHero helps you to avoid international roaming fees when you travel.
    Do you spend money on roaming fees?
    Are you scared to pick up the phone when you are abroad?
    Do you buy local SIM cards when you travel?
    Let RoamHero save your day!

    Buy a Local SIM card when you travel to avoid roaming fees but keep your own mobile number. Receive calls from your friends and family from anywhere in the world regardless of the SIM card you have in your phone.

    2) RoamHero Follow-Me
    Unlike Google Voice, RoamHero is available in- and outside the U.S. Enjoy Follow-Me for national and international number forwarding.

    3) RoamHero V-Mail*
    Visual voicemail the way it is supposed to work. Get voicemail alerts. The Voicemails are delivered directly to your phone and integrated with your contactlist.

    Easy to use: just install the app and Register your HOME SIM
    One number to manage all your phones
    A truly mobile solution: no need for PC, WiFi access, or even data access to receive your calls
    Affordable: get calls and V-Mail at local rates
    Easy to manage multiple SIM cards, especially for frequent international travelers

    Free app: no charges until you decide to activate
    $2.99/month pay as you go. Your first month is free.
    $0.15/minute international forwarding charges apply**

    * In order to bring you more features like international Follow-Me, we need to REPLACE Google Voice voicemail or carrier voicemail from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint as well as several others in the US and UK with a more feature rich visual voicemail. Sorry, doesn't work with pre-paid plans, such as T-mobile Flex-Pay, Simple Mobile, Family Mobile, and Virgin Mobile (US not UK), and most MetroPCS and Cricket users (It works for some of those with better plans that are Call Forwarding capable). Those are CARRIER/PLAN restrictions.

    ** IMPORTANT: register your Home SIM before you leave the country and make sure you have enough credit to cover the call forwarding rates which are usually 70% lower than roaming fees.

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